I’m baaack

So I didn’t really plan to take a break, but here it is August and I haven’t written in an embarrassingly long time. Moving will do that to you I suppose. Anyway, thanks for hanging in there.

Apparently the food trucks missed me because several came to me tonight.

Okay, so maybe that’s not quite true, but I was pretty excited when I received a newsletter a few weeks prior to moving into our new condo about a National Night Out event featuring food trucks in my community. August sounded super far away at the time, but suddenly it’s here.

There wasn’t any talk of which food trucks would be here tonight, so I was happy when I discovered this morning that it would be MoBowl and ScoopsSJ.

It’s nearing a year since I left Manhattan for the West Coast, and suddenly being able to walk somewhere for dinner has become novel again.

Walking to dinner in New York City might have been more novel if the sky always looked like that.

I wish this was a nightly (or even weekly) occurrence.

I started with the peanut pesto chicken from MoBowl – no rice and extra salad. I was being good …

… but it’s impossible to resist these guys, so I had to end the evening with a scoop of Birfday Cake.

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