Home Depot Tacos

If you’ve noticed I’ve been posting less frequently lately, it’s because I’ve got a few new temporary hang outs that sadly don’t involve food trucks.

For those of you who don’t know, Truckista is also a “New Home Ownerista,” and I’ve been spending more time at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other random flooring stores than I’d like to admit.

Though I’ve been spending massive amounts of time preparing for the big move and a mini renovation, a girl’s still gotta eat.

So while you’ve all been out at your favorite trucks, I’ve been chowing down on Home Depot tacos. That’s right, Home Depot sells tacos! (Maybe that’s not so shocking to you, but it’s definitely a West Coast thing. I’ve definitely never seen a cafe at Home Depot in Connecticut.)

To be exact, the cafe at Home Depot’s Sunnyvale (and maybe others?) location has Carne Asada tacos on Wednesdays. While I can’t exactly say they’re amazing, they’re not half bad. Then again, I could just be delirious from hours of weighing the pros and cons of hardwood versus laminate flooring.

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