farewell tikka bytes cafe

This weekend marks the grand closing of Tikka Bytes cafe in Milpitas, and I have to admit I was pretty bummed when I first heard the news. The owners posted a heartfelt notice on their blog, explaining their decision and announcing the cafe doors would soon be closed — but the truck will remain open.

While the cafe garnered mixed reviews on Yelp, I was a pretty big fan (the duchess in fact). While wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur¬†of authentic Indian food, it definitely filled my Indian takeout needs – tasty food, reasonable prices, hearty portions and sturdy takeout containers (a major plus in my book).

After reading about the closing, I decided I’d take one last trip to the cafe on Friday night for a few of my favorites – tandoori chicken and paneer tikka masala. While the location of the cafe isn’t great, it never really bothered me since it’s a short drive from my home, but with the bar crowd spilling out into the parking lot on Friday night, I could see why their locale is not so ideal. Nevertheless, I placed my order and excitedly headed home with my dinner.

When I arrived home, I realized that instead of paneer tikka masala, they had given me chicken. While the chicken was equally delicious, I was pretty bummed since it wasn’t the paneer I’d been dreaming about all day, and I surely was too lazy to drive back to correct the mistake.

While everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t hold it against them, it changed my sadness about them closing into more mixed feelings. I’ll definitely miss the cafe, but I’m glad the truck will still be around.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that having a somewhat less stellar experience on Friday night put me at peace with their closing. I’m certain the owners thought long and hard about their decision and expect it just means it’s time for bigger and better things. Now I’ll just have to get my paneer tikka masala fix exclusively on wheels:-)

P.S. My cat Zoey loves tandoori chicken too!

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