lunch break: porky’s sj

I made myself a salad for lunch today. I was so proud of myself for resisting other tasty temptations. It looked delicious.

I even posted a picture on Twitter … then I took a bite. Yuck! My goat cheese had totally gone bad and the salad was sour. Oh darn.

This all happened at about 12:45 PM, so I was worried most trucks would be wrapping up their lunch hours, but lo and behold, Porky’s SJ was still out nearby.

If you’re like me, you might have initially thought Porky’s SJ was a classic barbecue truck, but their menu is mostly pork dishes with an Asian flair.

I raced (while going the speed limit of course!) over to their location and arrived with nearly 30  minutes to spare.

Excited to see that they had some lower-carb options, I ordered one each of the Korean Spicy Pork and Vietnamese Lemongrass pork lettuce wraps. That’s kind of like a salad, right?

I also decided to give their suicide chicken a try (okay so it’s not really that healthy, but better than a big bowl of rice I suppose).

The chicken and spicy pork were both quite tasty, but the lemongrass pork was my favorite. Looks like my lunch was saved by the pig!

I caught Porky’s SJ at North First St. and Trimble today, but you can find them all over the Bay Area. Visit them here for scheduling and updates.

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