lunch break: MoBowl

For last week’s lunch break I wanted something on the lighter side, so I selected a vegetarian “naanwich” from Tikka Bytes. While it wasn’t actually light at all, it was extremely tasty.

Since I’m still fairly new to the Bay Area (I’m still a newbie at seven months, right?), there are so many food trucks I haven’t had a chance to try yet. As such, I could try a different one for lunch every day, but that wouldn’t be too friendly on my waistline or my wallet.

This week, I decided to give MoBowl a try since they were close by, and was pleasantly surprised by the lightness and taste factor of my rice bowl. Each of their rice bowls comes with a protein, salad and rice. I selected the peanut pesto chicken, which I have to admit, didn’t look to appealing to me at first, but my was really good. Everything tasted very fresh and was not greasy at all. Score!

The only real downside was that it comes with a lot of rice, which I guess isn’t really a downside when you’re ordering a “rice bowl,” but it’s not ideal if you’re watching carbs. Next time I might consider seeing if they can increase the salad portion and cut back on rice.

Not to be all health-nutty, but I try to look for “better” options when I can. While I could surely eat fried chicken and donuts every single day, it’s probably better if I don’t. I think you’ll agree.

And thankfully, I didn’t see the Cheesecake Eggrolls on the menu until after I placed my order, though I’ll have to give those a try another time!

I found MoBowl at KPMG in Santa Clara, but you can find them all over the Bay Area. For more information and scheduling, check out 

*What’s your favorite healthier food truck meal? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to feature it in an upcoming lunch break post.*

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