lunch break: tikka bytes

A few weeks ago, I was satisfying a serious tikka masala craving at an unnamed local restaurant, when I noticed the chicken in my dish was practically raw. And I don’t mean just a little pink in the middle. Ick. After that, I thought it might be a while before I’d crave Indian food again, but alas, I was wrong.

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here in San Jose, which is perfect for a food truck lunch. On my way back from yoga this morning, I checked Twitter and discovered there were tons of options in my neighborhood. Wanting something a little “lighter,” I settled on Tikka Bytes.

I’ve seen Tikka Bytes around my neighborhood a lot, and have driven past their new restaurant a few times, but today was my first time trying them. I was really excited by the different options they have. First you choose the type food vehicle you’d like (naanwich, burrito, etc.), then your protein and sauce. I went with a paneer naanwhich with tikka masala sauce. I guess by “lighter,” I meant vegetarian, because this sandwich surely wasn’t light, but it was delicious!

After lunch I decided to take a stroll around Moitozo Park to burn off a few bites of naan. I’m not really sure food blogging jives with losing weight for my wedding, but I’m determined to find a way to make it work!

I found Tikka Bytes at Bank of America on North 1st Street today, but you can check them out on Facebook  or Twitter to see when they’ll be near you.


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4 thoughts on “lunch break: tikka bytes

  1. I highly recommend their restaurant too. Yummy stuff!

    Welcome to food truck blogging, and thanks for linking me on your blog! I’ll add a link to your blog on mine as well.

    • Thank you!
      Though I planned to cook dinner last night, I got lazy and decided to try the restaurant. Yum! Great food and prices:-) I need to try their grilled cheese thing you wrote about next.

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